Butterfly Symbols Mask

Butterfly Symbols Mask

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  • Details:
  • - Two layer protective face mask with soft stretch ear straps
  • - Outer layer consists of anti-microbial micro knit polyester
  • - Inside layer consists of soft & cozy ultra breathable nylon spandex
  • - Reusable and machine washable

  • Inspired by my beautiful wife, this butterfly silhouette is filled with 14 different Adinkra symbols celebrating the complexity and beauty of women.
  • Symbol names and meanings:

    Osram Ne Nsoromma - "The Moon and the Star"

    - symbol of love, faithfulness, harmony

    Akoko Nan - "the leg of a hen"

    - symbol of nurturing and discipline

    Mpatapo - "knot of pacification/reconciliation"

    - symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification

    Duafe - "wooden comb"

    - symbol of beauty and cleanliness; symbols of desirable feminine qualities

    Akoma - "the heart"

    - symbol of patience and tolerance

    Akoma Ntoso - "linked hearts"

    - symbol of understanding and agreement

    Sesa Wo Suban - "Change or transform your character"

    - symbol of life transformation

    Adinkrahene - "Chief of the adinkra symbols"

    - symbol of greatness, charisma and leadership

    Nkyinkyim - "twisting"

    - symbol of initiative, dynamism and versatility

    Nyame Nti - "by God's grace"

    - symbol of faith and trust in God

    Gye Nyame - "except for God"

    - symbol of the supremacy of God

    Ananse Ntontan - "spider's web"

    - symbol of wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life

    Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan - "Love never loses its way home"

    - symbol of the power of love

    Sankofa - "return and get it"- symbol of importance of learning from the past

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